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Family Heritage Life Cancer Policy 

Cancer impacts millions of Americans each year, and millions more are left feeling overwhelmed when the disease strikes a family member. While the patient must face the days, weeks or months of exhausting treatment, the family members caring for the patient often have their own battle to face - the challenges that can arise from insufficient health insurance coverage. At FHL, our goal is to help free patients and their families from the worry and anxiety of dealing with these challenges. Our Family Heritage Life Supplemental Cancer plans pay benefits directly to our policyholders to help manage financial necessities that arise along the way.

Policy Benefits

  • First Occurrence

    • Internal Cancer

    • Skin Cancer

    • Breast Cancer

    • Prostate Cancer

  • Surgery and Anesthesia

  • Reconstructive Breast Surgery

  • Second Surgical Opinion

  • Bone Marrow Transplant and Donor

  • Prosthesis

  • Wellness Benefit

  • Hospice

  • Patient Transportation and Family Member Transportation

  • Family Member Lodging

  • Hospitalization

  • Ambulance

  • Radiation Planning

  • Radiation and Chemotherapy

  • Self-Administered Chemotherapy

  • Anti-nausea Medication

  • Special Treatment

This insurance may not be available in all states and where available, benefits will vary. Benefits are for cancer only. Please see your Family Heritage Life Representative for cost and complete details including any exclusions and limitations that may affect your benefits.